Whether you are looking to reinvent yourself or just know you need something else in your life, these services offer you tools to use while taking the steps to make the changes to create the life you want.

Energywork/Spirtual Work

The WAVE Work – is an integrative breathwork that helps you to feel more peaceful and calm. It enables you to become clearer and have understanding for what is going on in your life.

Shamanic Journeys – The spirit journey is a time-honored shamanic method of inner consultation. It is a way of retrieving information from and communicating with your inner or spiritual self. Kathy takes your questions and does a shamanic journey bringing back answers for you from your guides, totems, and your spirit.

Kathy also offers:

Event Organizing

Mentoring/Leadership Sessions

Mastermind Groups – offered monthly at the office

Reiki Share and Meditation – offered monthly at the office

Public Speaking, Lectures and Workshops on a variety of topics

Workshops and Destination Retreats