I used to view having a “massage” as a luxurious treat that I would splurge for once or twice a year. However, after surviving breast cancer. I recognized the importance of being in control of my health so that I would be able to be here and care for my family. I now make my massage therapy a part of my preventative healthcare measures by scheduling a monthly appointment. When you are faced with a life-threatening situation, you realize how precious and fragile life is. We only get one life, and I choose to live mine with a healthy mind, body and soul-all of which requires regular maintenance and care. – Esther H – Lahaska, PA

“The WAVE Work in combination with massage by Kathy Stahl is one of the most powerful healing techniques I have ever experienced. I look forward to Kathy’s expertise, nurturing and intuitive nature at every sessions.” – Maureen, Doylestown, PA

“Your gentle hands and healing touch fixed my damaged muscles and stopped my aches immediately. You listened to me when no one else would. You isolated the source of my pain and put it right. If I suffer any fare-ups in the future, you’re the only place I can find relief. Thank you so much!” – Betsy C., Willow Grove, PA

“My husband and I have been receiving massage services from Kathy for over two years now. She comes to our home about once a month with all of her equipment and we truly look forward to her visits. While we both enjoy massage for relaxation purposes, I was suffering from neck pain that was really starting to affect my daily activities. After a few treatments with heat and deep muscle massage as well as a treatment plan she developed for me using heat and therapeutic oils, the problem has completely resolved. I can’t thank her enough!” – Ann S.,RN, Pennsburg, PA

“I appreciate that Kathy works with me to find the right techniques and pressure to meet my needs while still making the massage a serene and relaxing experience. The benefits of her massages extend into my day-to-day wellness because Kathy also helps me to understand what’s going on with my muscles and joints and to identify habits potentially causing aches and knots.” – Cindy H., Childhood Specialist, Jamison, PA

WAVE Therapy work with Kathy has been the most healing experience for me. She is so capable, caring, and skilled. I have gone very deep and feel that I’m healing on a cellular level. Kathy is right there, reassuring and guiding me the whole time. – Wendy, Doylestown, PA